How To Write Compelling Email Subject Lines That Get Opened

Do you know your readers judge your emails based on their subject lines? The catchy ones have the power to get the maximum clicks. Irrespective of how much tears, sweat, and blood you invest into crafting the inner content, your efforts will go down the drain if subject lines don’t get opened. It is the primary reason top marketers spend time brainstorming and developing catchy phrases and slogans. 

Fortunately, there are some magical secrets you can and must consider to write compelling email subject lines. Thus, tighten your seatbelts to embark on the journey to find those valuable seventeen tricks. 

17 Best Tricks To Write Compelling Email Subject Lines

  1. Stick To Short and Snappy Lines:

Conciseness is the key to the information-saturated world. Limit your subject lines to 50 characters or less to ensure they are entirely apparent instead of being cut off. Remember, short and punchy phrases win over lengthy and confusing ones every time! Thus, learn to convey urgency, excitement, and a feeling of welcomeness in five to six words. 

  1. Create The Fear Of Missing Out:

If advertising a time-sensitive offer, tap into your readers’ FOMO by incorporating words that inspire urgency. Phrases like “Limited Time Offer,” “Last Chance,” or “Ends Tonight” create a sense of missing out that encourages recipients to take immediate action. But make sure your subject lines are customized according to the industry. For instance, slogans such as “Open This, Or Regret It For The Rest Of Your Life” will promote Ireland assignment help services. Besides, if you’re not selling a product, you can still consider this tip for promoting your event. 

  1. Personalization To Boost Open Rates:

Make your audience feel special by personalizing your subject lines. Whether addressing recipients by name or tailoring the content to their interests, personalization fosters a connection and boosts open rates. 

  1. Spark An Interest:

Humans are curious creatures, and you can use this to your advantage. Write subject lines that spark curiosity, leaving your readers itching to discover more. For example, “The Secret to Maximum Productivity Revealed” or “Discover Five Hidden Gems Inside…”

  1. Incorporate Numbers and Lists:

Humans are naturally drawn to numbers and lists because they are easily digestible. Incorporate them into your headline to add value and get the highest open rate on your mails. “5 Proven Strategies For Success” or “10 Must-Have Tools For Entrepreneurs” are sure to catch the consciousness of recipients. 

  1. Inject Humor:

Laughter is the best medicine, even in the inbox! Injecting humor into your headlines can make your readers smile and make your emails memorable. Just be sure the comical aspect aligns with your brand and target audience. Also,  ensure that your humour doesn’t offend the recipients. 

  1. Invoke Emotion:

Invoking emotions is a powerful way to captivate recipients instantly. Craft topic sentences that evoke excitement or touch on pain points of your readers. Hence, emotionally charged phrases have much higher odds of being clicked.

  1. Induce A Feeling Of Exclusivity:

Who doesn’t want to be a part of an exclusive club? Almost everyone likes to get special treatment, so offer exclusivity to your recipients through the headlines. Make them feel you’re offering them something they usually don’t get.

  1. Stay Away From Spam Trigger Words:

Stay away from spam-trigger words like “Free,” “Urgent,” or “Cash,” as they might activate spam filters. As a result, your carefully crafted emails go straight to the junk folder. Thus, put your creative mind to the test while writing and staying away from the spammy territory. 

  1. Consider A/B Testing:

Don’t settle for something ordinary if your goal is to obtain maximum open clicks. Consistently test and optimize your subject headlines to see what works best with your audience. A/B testing can help you discover the effectiveness of different techniques for maximum fruitful outcomes.

  1. Prefer Power Words:

Powerful words are eye-catchy and develop a feeling of excitement. Incorporate vital, action-inducing phrases like “Discover,” “Unleash,” “Transform,” or “Revolutionize” in your subject lines to make them more captivating and irresistible.

  1. Be Relevant and Specific:

Recipients throw emails with generic headlines, often in the trashbin. Therefore, make your ad relevant and be specific to the content of your mail. Let your receivers know what to expect, whether it’s a valuable tip, an exciting announcement, or an exclusive offer.

  1. Build Mystery:

Humans love a good mystery, so craft headings that can tap into the mysterious side. Offer a peek to your receivers by hinting at something interesting without giving away all the details. Make them wonder what’s inside and inspire them to open it to uncover the secret.

  1. Customize According To Location:

Tailoring your headlines to specific regions or cities will make your emails feel more personalized and relevant. For instance, targeting areas with high academic institutes will work wonders for a research paper writing service Ireland. It will show that you understand your audience, aka students, and they are more likely to invest time into your email.

  1. Experiment with Emoji:

Emojis have become a language in today’s digital communication, and many marketers comprehend their value. Therefore, they experiment with using different emojis in their email marketing to add visual appeal and personality. However, be particular and only add relevant cheeky little icons that help you catch maximum readers’ eye. 

  1. Highlight The Benefit Receiver Will Gain:

Make it crystal clear what your receivers will gain by clicking on your ad letter. Whether it’s a valuable resource, insider knowledge, a time-saving tip, or an exclusive discount, highlight the benefit they’ll receive. For example, “Unlock Your Full Potential With Our Ten Proven Strategies” or “ 5 Top Secrets To Lose weight now, feel great later.”

  1. Use Social Proof:

Humans usually follow what they see others doing. For instance, they will dine in a restaurant with a maximum number of customers rather than an empty one. Therefore, incorporate social proof in your subject lines to build trust and develop credibility. For example, “Join Over 10,000 Satisfied Customers” or “See Why Experts Love Our New Product.”


Congratulations! You’ve now unlocked the seventeen secrets to crafting compelling subject lines that demand to be opened. Implementing them will elevate your email marketing game and increase your chances of getting clicked among competing messages. You don’t have to put all these seventeen secrets into action, as it might burn you out. Choose a few tips, work on them consistently to see positive results, and add more. 


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