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Today over 95% of brands present online are either promoting their products with the help of videos or even uploading videos to engage and interact with their audience. These videos are helping them to maintain transparency and engagement and are helping them build trust and reliability among the audience. 

According to a study by Statista:

  • It was said that in 2021, the video advertising industry will gain around $80.1 billion, and around 2024 the revenue will increase by around $120 billion globally. 

Now videos can be used in many ways for the betterment of a brand. For example, brands can create videos to attract their customers with the organic approach by uploading them on social media, YouTube, and other platforms. 

On the other hand, some videos can be used for advertising on social media and the brand’s internet space, and as we know that there are lots of different types of ads that brands can run online, such as retargeting ads, display ads, and most importantly, video ads. 

Video ads play a major role because they are said to be the most engaging type of content for audience interaction. Now the question arises, how can brands take the help of video production company?

We get that video production is really complicated and is not a single person’s job. It takes time, investment, and people to work with, since video production is too complicated, some brands take the help of video production companies in India which helps brands to create compelling videos for their brands.

So we have gotten a solution for the brands in every industry, whether it is beauty brands or design companies. It is a solution for all the brands out there.

Vidzy a  video production company with more than six years of experience and over 2 lakh influencers on board. The Indian video production house has worked with over 1200 brands and has provided brands with 1500+ videos.

Now that we know what vidzy is, let’s take a look at how vidzy can help brands like you grow their business,

Video Production Services Provided By Video Company Vidzy:

Influencer-Based Social Media Videos:

Influencer-based social media videos are the ones featuring influencers from the same industry as the brands. These influencers help brands create visually appealing videos for their audience. Influencer-generated social videos can improve brand awareness, sales, conversions, and website traffic. It drives business to brands, which is ultimately the brand objective and goal. 

Influencer-Based Videos Ads:

Same as influencer-based social media videos, these videos contain an influencer, and the video production agency makes them as visually appealing as social media organic videos. These videos help brands gain inorganic reach. Video ads are one of the best ways to get instant leads for your brand with niche-based influencers. It will increase the brand’s awareness, sales, conversions, Return on investments ROAS, and website traffic. Hire Best video production house in india which can meet brand’s objective and goals.

Corporate videos: 

Other than showing your product videos, it is important for brands to keep some transparency in their videos and engage with the audience. The creative video production company helps brands to create content according to the brand’s engagement, get more views, and improve the all over impressions of the brand.

Product Video/ Explainer Video: 

Video company helps brands to create a video dedicated to their product. These videos help customers know everything on behalf of the brand, such as what elements are included, how the product looks, an explanation of how to use the product, and who can use the products.

Testimonials And Feedback Videos: 

Testimonial videos are the videos people rely on the most. Audiences from every niche take these videos seriously. And feedback from real customers makes it more trustable. So the creative video agency helps brands create testimonial videos so the audience can find the product easily with gain more trust.

After understanding how vidzy can help you, let’s learn why brands should choose Vidzy.

Reasons To Choose Top Video Production Company: Vidzy 

Humanization Of The Brand:

Vidzy helps brands to gain a voice. It helps brands to relate with the audience and create a personal connection.

Influencer Collaboration:

The video production company helps brands find the perfect influencer, and collaborate with them. Vidzy have 2 lakh+ influencer in their hand, brands can choose niche based influencer.

High-Quality Video Production:

Vidzy’s video production quality isn’t limited to display quality. The production company also helps brands create videos filled with quality content given by their best analysts, strategists, and storytellers.


The video production agency is super budget friendly as their services start just from 10K. Also they deliver high-quality video in just 48 hours.

Creative Trend-Based Analysis

The video production house creates videos based on the real time trends. The videos are creative, highly researched, and match the brand’s audience’s persona.

Personal Brand Manager:

Throughout the video campaign Vidzy provides brands with their brand managers to help with performance and efficiency. The personal brand manager also helps with the brand’s campaign structure and helps it to perform better. 


In conclusion, Video production is important for brands to gain better business and traffic, and vidzy can help brands create those strategic videos according to their audience’s choice. The video production company’s services start just from 10K and can provide your brand with the highest quality content. Vidzy helps brands to create compelling ad videos, social media videos, corporate videos, product/ explainer videos, and testimonials to show customers how trusted and reliable they are in the industry. Collaborating with Vidzy helps brands to gain uniqueness and creativity in their videos. Vidzy’s highly analyzed and strategize videos help brands to get a better ROI and gain sales and leads.

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